INtro to paqo perception

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Intro to Paqo Perception

is a 3 part online class meant to introduce folks to Andean shamanism & the inca cosmovision.

It’s meant to initiate you into the traditions of Andean Mysticism with a general understanding so that you’re ready to dive deeper if you feel called to the Andean path


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curated 1 on 1 training.

You will need Zoom (free) to attend

video chat

10% of class cost will go to Willka Yachay a beautiful foundation serving the indigenous peoples of Peru to develop education that enables young Q’eros to know their history and rights, avoid exploitation, build meaningful lives and develop their communities.

payable thru paypal or venmo

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After receiving

karpays (energy/lineage transmission)

from the waskar and inkari lineages

and multiple immersions in Peruvian

culture & paqo traditions via the

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition and

trainings with Lineage Holder

and author Joan Wilcox

I have been called to share the wealth of wisdom that i’ve received.

My dharma of sharing this work was made clear to me during the first class I ever took on andean mysticism. My spirit lit up with childlike reverence and I haven’t looked back since.

It is my intention that this information be shared with integrity and purpose. What these traditions of done for my own life goes far beyond the reach of space & time and I wish only to share with genuine heartfelt gratitude.

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What you can take with you after completing the course:

  • A basic understanding of the Andean Cosmovision

  • A more joyful imaginative worldview and daily outlook

  • Energy Clearing Practices (great for boundary setting and clearing empathic residue)

  • The differences in shamanic peoples of Peru

  • Clearer understanding of the culture and how to be respectful when traveling (as well as earn some bonus points with locals)

  • How to set up a mesa (as taught in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition)

  • A deeper understanding of energy & energy exchange in the realm we live in.

  • Deeper connection to Pachamama, who you are, & why you're here

  • Tools for integrating Plant Medicine Experiences

  • A magic shift in perception of reality

Looking out from Apu (sacred mountain spirit) Huanacari

Looking out from Apu (sacred mountain spirit) Huanacari

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