The Dance of Magician & Trickster

Revelations on the archetype of the Magician

. Art by  Apricot Jams  .

. Art by Apricot Jams .

In prepping for a workshop presentation that beautiful thing happened where I got called out in the preparation.

I have been far to immersed in the magician archetype to truly step outside and observe the shadow tendencies…


Post Imbolc in a winter full of deep emotional purges shown by the redness of my face and heavy eyes.

Post Imbolc in a winter full of deep emotional purges shown by the redness of my face and heavy eyes.






inner realms

of the magician is no joke.

wellllllll, maybe it is though?

I mean it is the realm of expression for the jokester. Aren’t jokes where we learn to laugh at our shadow and the inherent polarity of this spectacle of a human experience?

Read on to laugh at my seriousness. :)

This is the realm of the shaman, schizophrenics, Fearless dreamers, Hermit artists, revolutionaries staying up all night studying, tHe nikola teslas, etc..

With NO GUARANTEE of success this archetypal experience is undoubtedly the expression surrender and acceptance of the unknown.

Always plunging into the the depths of the unknown the magician befriends this space and learns to master it.

Part of that is learning to know the difference

between intuition and anxiety or fear.

Only you can truly know that difference.

Guidance always shows up, its a matter of being a “see’r” IN every situation that manifests in your life and knowing its happening for your own transmutation and well being.

In neo-Jungian Robert Moore’s model, like all tHe arcHetypes, the Magician has a bi-polar shadow with an active and passive side.

The active side is called the Detached Manipulator

and the passive side is the “Denying” Innocent One.

It wasn’t until I read Scott Jeffreys Article that I really saw how the shadow trickster had been running the show in my life.

I’ve known since my last ayahuasca experience that I’m to travel this path and learn it deeply. See earlier blog post on this here

The detached manipulator for me was coming from this space of “I am the atman (eternal cosmic soul) and not the “self” and while “I” find this to be a universal truth. (A very important one) It is most certainly not an excuse for the lack of responsibility for mistakes and the effect i’ve had on others, no matter the trauma or lack of respect i’ve received from them.

The Denying innocent one was illuminated thru my first experience with ayahuasca over 2 years ago. A major awakening to the helpless victim tendency leftover from a traumatic childhood.

“Parents unconsciously activate this shadow in their children by praising THEM. Praise doesn’t just stall growth and limit our potential; it instills a false identity and illusory self-image in children that plague them into adulthood”

-Scott JeffreyS

Current work on this edge of the polarity of the magician is
Facing and Finding more of the deepest fears and depths of my psyche and OWNING them. ALL OF THEM.

One of those fears is integrating these new perceptions on reality I know to be avant garde. All this information that’s been shared with me via plant medicines, shamanic initations, downloads during heightened states of consciousmess, etc.. My experience of the magician archetype thus far has challenged the core of who I am over & over. As more of them come to light I find myself in a deeper embodiment of truth and purpose.

The shift in consciousness on earth right now is monumental.

5th Dimensional awareness is THE catalyst.

Healing the Cultural Magician is in our hands…